Carol L. D'Attoma 
President - Executive Director
Sexually Abused Children's Relief Endeavor

John J. D'Attoma 
Executive Vice President/Treasurer
Senior Vice President, General Manager of
Iowa Southen Glazer's Wine and Spirits

Dawn Iddings
Board Secretary
Senior Vice President,
General Manager NetSmart

Stephen Bellini
Board Member
Senior Vice President,
Mast-Jägermeister US

Jody Albers
Board Member

Reece Nichols Realtor

Jennifer L. Johnson

Board Member

Johnson Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC

Leonard Searcy

Board Member

‚ÄčPartner - Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Our Story

sacred - the beginning

In June 2006, our six year old granddaughter, Sarah (read her story here),  told her mother that her daddy was sexually abusing her. Our daughter immediately called the authorities and he was arrested. Thus the physical nightmare ended for our granddaughter, and another nightmare began for our daughter and granddaughters. One can never truly imagine or understand the affects of a crime until it happens in your family. Due to financial pressures, our daughter, with four children under seven years of age, was forced to sell her home, car, and many personal belongings. They relocated to a new community to begin their lives anew. Thanks to the generosity of family, friends and business associates whose gifts provided support, our daughter has survived financially. Many victims and their families have not been as blessed to have such support surround them. Due to the courage and strength of our granddaughters' reporting her father's sexual abuse, he is currently serving his sentence in a state prison. Our daughters plight has awakened us to a severe shortfall of support for families with sexually abused children. Victim's families often times may not follow through with reporting the abuse if the offending parent is the main income earner. The non-offending parent is usually faced with the loss of income, health benefits and other financial support previously provided by the abuser. sacred's goal is to relieve some of these financial fears and support the non-offending parent and children.

sacred Board of Directors